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What Are Key The Things To Know Before Undergoing Jaw Surgery?

Posted on 6/11/2021 by San Tan Oral Surgery
What Are Key The Things To Know Before Undergoing Jaw Surgery?We perform jaw surgery to balance the facial structure of a patient with maxillofacial-related conditions. The end result should be having both your upper and lower jaw fitting properly. An imbalanced jaw can cause pain when you eat or talk. A jaw surgery brings you comfort and improved quality of life. Here are some of the important things you should know before undergoing jaw surgery.

Numbness on Your Face

It is normal for patients to feel numbness on their lips, chin, nose, or mouth during and after undergoing jaw surgery. This is because it is necessary to receive anesthesia throughout the procedure. After you return home from the surgery, we recommend using ice packs to prevent cases of facial irritation and relax your face muscles.

Practicing Oral Hygiene

After your surgery, it will be difficult to brush your teeth in the surgical area. However, it is essential that you keep your mouth clean and rinse it regularly. Keeping your mouth clean prevents infection and cavity development.

Use of Sedation

During the day of the jaw surgery, we will use general anesthesia to sedate you. The process may take several hours depending on the needs of the patient. There may be a lot of drooling after your surgery; however, as the healing process continues, the feeling will slowly fade away.

Potential Risks

Jaw surgery comes with some risks, just like any other form of surgery. Some of these risks include excessive blood loss, nerve injury, or infections. Other complications include jaw fracture and jaw position relapse. However, having our effective team of professionals on board minimizes these risks.

Jaw surgery is a complex procedure, but it can help to improve your facial structure and oral health as well. The end result is bound to make you more confident and happy. If you want to learn more about jaw surgery and determine if you are a candidate for the procedure, please contact us today.

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