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Oral and Cosmetic Post-Op Instructions For Jaw Surgery

Posted on 12/19/2022 by San Tan Oral Surgery
Oral and Cosmetic Post-Op Instructions For Jaw SurgeryIt's crucial to follow post-operative care instructions after jaw surgery. Following these guidelines may help to reduce pain or infection-related effects like inflammation.

Wound Care

Avoid touching or prodding the surgery sites with anything. The sutures that are put in your mouth often dissolve on their own. On the day of your initial follow-up consultation, your surgeon will remove any sutures that were placed under the skin of your face or neck. Smoking will complicate the healing process and is harmful.


Overnight oozing or periodic bleeding is common. It may be possible to stop the bleeding by applying new gauze to the wound and biting it for 30-45 minutes at a time. You can have sporadic slow seeping from your nostrils for the first two to three days after nose surgery. Bleeding never needs to be serious. Call your doctor right away.


Start brushing your teeth, as usual, the day following surgery. Please try to wash your teeth as vigorously as possible within the comfort limits, even if pain or swelling prevents it. Any toothpaste will work. Please keep in mind that following surgery, your gums could be numb. Use a child-sized toothbrush and brush in front of a mirror, focusing just on the teeth, to prevent damaging the gums when cleaning.


After your jaw surgery, your doctor will give you prescriptions like antibiotics, mouthwashes, decongestants, nasal sprays, and pain relievers. As recommended, use them. Taking a daily multivitamin for two to three weeks following surgery is advised but not required.

Physical Activity

You should wait a few weeks following surgery before engaging in any intense physical activity. Avoid physical activity and lifting any heavy objects until you get authorization from your surgeon.


Your diet for the first ten days will consist primarily of non-chewing foods. These can be soft foods you don't need to chew or blended foods. Creamy soups, smoothies, milkshakes, baby food, pudding, yogurt, cream of wheat, and other blended foods fall under this category.
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