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What You Need to Know About Dental Bone Grafting

Posted on 11/7/2022 by San Tan Oral Surgery
What You Need to Know About Dental Bone GraftingMany people feel concerned when their dentist tells them they need grafting of their dental bone. If you get this news, you should know it is not a major procedure but a minor one that is commonly performed. Besides, it is possible for bone grafting to occur during an implant where a jawbone is weak.

What is bone grafting?

There is only one basic procedure of bone grafting, but various ways can be applied. During the grafting process, an oral surgeon creates an incision around the jaw and attaches an artificial bone material. People who mostly qualify for bone grafts suffer from gum disease or loose adult teeth. These two conditions are responsible for bone loss.

When bone grafting is recommended

When installing dental implants, patients with insufficient bone structure are advised to go for bone grafting. As time goes by, the recreation of bone cells stops. Thus, enough space on your jawbone might not be enough for a firm foundation for teeth to remain intact. If you are experiencing such insufficiency, then bone grafting is necessary.

Different types of Bone Grafts

Autografts are the first type of bone graft that involves bone from the jaw or hip. Allograft is another type of bone graft that other individuals donate. The third type of bone graft is xenograft, whereby a bone is removed from a different species, such as a pig, coral, or cow. The last but not least, a bone graft is known as an alloplasts. During this grafting procedure, synthetic material is used, which includes bioglass or calcium phosphate.

Bone graft aftercare and recovery

The bone grafting process takes place in an office of dentists. As soon as the procedure is complete, patients are allowed to leave the office after a gauze is packed to cover the incisions in the mouth. The dentists offer instructions on how dressing should be changed before checking out. Some antibiotics also come in handy.
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