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What are signs of maxillofacial trauma

Posted on 6/6/2022 by San Tan Oral Surgery
What are signs of maxillofacial traumaMaxillofacial traumas usually are caused by sporting and athletic injuries, car accidents, violence and assault, wounds, and war injuries. They sometimes require CT scans and X-rays. These enable maxillofacial surgeons and surgery teams to deliver excellent treatment results.

Maxillofacial trauma represents physical injury by a blunt force to the face, skull, head, neck and maxilla region. Signs and symptoms are usually specific to each type of injury; for example, fractures would be painful, swollen, or make one lose function. They could also cause changes in appearance.

Signs of facial injury

The most severe complication following a maxillofacial injury is airway obstruction ad could lead to death as it is sudden. Blockage by a foreign material could lead to aspiration problems. Massive bleeding, pain and swelling are other common signs of maxillofacial trauma. A patient would feel numb in the affected area or notice a change in the symmetry of the face or region. Knocked-out teeth, blurred vision, and swelling around the eye sockets are common indicators of maxillofacial trauma. Physical examinations after a facial injury also show signs like bleeding from the nose, mouth, eyes or ears. Lacerations, improper symmetry of the jawbones also indicate maxillofacial trauma.

Treatment of maxillofacial injuries should be immediate. In managing these injuries, firstly, maxillofacial surgeons aim to control the bleeding and clear the airway if blocked. Surgeons then fix the fracture and treat the broken bones. They then restore facial symmetry using techniques that also reduce scaring. Surgery helps reduce the risk of long-term sunken eyes or double vision. As surgery has its complications post-op, maxillofacial surgeons are trained to attend to these cases, such as cosmetic surgeries after a maxillofacial injury for aesthetic purposes and improvement of facial structures.

To prevent maxillofacial injuries, it is recommended to always put the headgear on when in activities that could injure the face area. Buckling up while driving also helps prevent facial trauma at the onset of an accident.

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