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3 Reasons Your Dental Implants Are Loose

Posted on 5/9/2022 by San Tan Oral Surgery
3 Reasons Your Dental Implants Are LooseYou have been told that your dental implants are permanent restorations. However, they can at times become loose. A loose dental implant can cause pain, bleeding, discoloration around it, bone loss and sunken gums, or even the moving around of the artificial tooth. So, if you experience any of these symptoms after getting a dental implant, it could be that it is loose or the crown is. Therefore, you should not leave the problems untreated because it can lead to other complications such as severe infections that spread from the jaw and mouth to the face and neck. Having said that, here are three causes of loose dental implants.

Loose Crown

A dentist uses a special cement to hold the crown in place. The seal is likely to be broken thus causing the crown to unglue. If that happens, the implants will become loose.

Gum Disease or Bone Loss

If you have peri-implantitis, it can weaken the implant. This is a type of gum disease that occurs around the implant. It is a serious issue that should be tackled immediately. The infection arising from gum disease is able to eat away at the bone holding the implant in place. As a result, the jawbone deteriorates to a point where the implant has nothing to hold on to. In order to prevent peri-implantitis as well as gum disease and loss of bone, you need to maintain a proper, consistent home care regime. You also need to visit a dentist frequently.

Loose Abutment

You will notice that the top part of the implant contains a hollow area where an attachment known as an abutment is screwed into. The abutment is out of the gums. A dentist cements a crown above the abutment. However, sometimes, the abutment may start to unthread from your implant, thereby making them become loose.

In the event that your implant, crown, or screw becomes loose, make sure you store it in a safe container and set up an emergency appointment with us. Our oral surgery team will handle the issue.

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