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Why should you choose OMS surgery

Posted on 4/25/2022 by San Tan Oral Surgery
Why should you choose OMS surgeryWhen you need oral surgery, facial surgery, experiencing TMJ pain, need aesthetic surgery, or other complicated oral procedures that a general dentist cannot offer, the best option is to choose an OMS surgery. As experts in oral surgical procedures, OMS offers treatment to complicated oral conditions that exceed the expertise of a general dentist as they have undergone extensive training and experience after completing dental school.

When to consider OMS surgery

If you have impacted wisdom teeth, for example, molars, in some people, can grow out of line, hindering the others from growing and affecting the normal functionality of the teeth. In this case, a general dentist cannot help, and you would need to choose an OMS surgery. Also, when experiencing chewing breathing problems, obstructive sleep apnea, bite problems, or misaligned jaws, you would choose an OMS surgery for corrective jaw surgery or orthodontic surgery.

Suppose you have experienced trauma in your oral region, face, or head and need corrective surgery. In that case, an OMS surgery is the right pick as OMS surgeons are highly trained in jaw and facial bone structure repair and administering anesthesia. This surgery also includes the replacement of missing teeth. You would need to choose an OMS surgery for dental implants. They are expert leaders in delivering innovative techniques to achieve a natural solution for missing and damaged teeth due to trauma or oral injuries.

On suspicion that you have facial infections, oral pathology tumors, or persistent sores in the mouth, it is wise to choose an OMS surgeon for consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. OMS surgery also includes the removal of benign and malignant tumors and treating cancers of the face, oral region, neck, and head. An OMS surgeon can treat illnesses that a general dentist can treat. Therefore, one can consult an OMS for complicated and general oral health procedures.
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