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Trends in OMF surgeries

Posted on 3/7/2022 by San Tan Oral Surgery
Trends in OMF surgeriesOver the past years, OMFS (Oral maxillofacial surgery) has undergone an ambit of advances and technological expansion spanning various procedures, including reformative techniques to reconstruction, oral trauma, and surgical oncology. The field has progressively expanded to craniofacial and aesthetic surgeries, encompassing scientific aspects, medical techniques, and aesthetics, and constantly regenerates itself.

Some of those trends include

Regenerative surgeries of teeth using demineralization of tooth graft capable of maintaining autogenously growth factors and has exemplified favorable bony healing. This innovative device, Tooth Transformer SRL, processes and extracts a patient's tooth into demineralized bone graft material within a short time. This graft can be used in reparative procedures that otherwise use metal screws and other synthetic materials. Furthermore, it is regenerative and provides complete compatibility with the recipient surgical site.

There is a massive increase in 3D imaging, for example, stereolithographic models that are useful and precise in the planning and transferring of oral implants. These images give a clear-cut representation of the underlying skeletal anatomy of the patient's surgical site.

Robotic surgery is also congregating steam and is gradually becoming indispensable in modern practice. Computer-aided procedures have the prospects of offering surgeons superior precision, susceptibility, and flexibility, especially in overcoming challenges related to conventional methodologies. It has also enabled ease in re-sectioning tumor and growth surgeries, allowing oral procedures to be quick, easy, safe, and more precise. The use of computer-assisted surgeries is also expected to reduce operational risks and complications, and patient stress.

OMS has also adopted new technologies, such as Positron Emission Tomography, that are being widely used to treat oral, neck, and head cancers. This technology is widely gaining recognition in head and neck oncology diagnosis. It helps detect tumors and lymph node metastases, thereby helping in diagnosing and treating growths before they have manifested and worsened.
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