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Materials for Direct Restorations

Posted on 2/21/2022 by San Tan Oral Surgery
Materials for Direct RestorationsDentists have a variety of options when it comes to repairing your teeth. Direct restoration is a preferred option when there is no need to use the dental laboratory for offering treatment. Our dentists perform direct restorations in one dental visit, ensuring that they put preventive measures to stop the progression of your dental problems. Since they do not require a dental laboratory, you will need to have temporary restorations before getting direct restorations.


This is a mixture of silver and mercury alloys that our experts use to restore posterior teeth. When getting amalgam restoration, our dentists will have to remove large portions of your tooth which is important to ensure sufficient thickness of the filling and maximum retention. An amalgam filling is strong and will not wear off easily. However, it is visible and if you are targeting aesthetically pleasing restoration, they may not be the best option. Many clinics are now phasing out amalgam fillings due to worries about mercury content.

Resin based composite

This is a mixture of acrylic and glass filler and will give you an esthetically pleasing solution. It is excellent for minor to medium-size restorations. It is also highly adhesive therefore you will require reduced tooth preparation before the procedure. It acts like your natural teeth giving you an excellent solution for a bright smile.

Glass Ionomer

This is a direct restorative material consisting of fluoride and glass powder. It is self-hardening in nature and releases the fluoride gradually which strengthens your teeth. Even though it does not have the translucency of enamel it provides a natural-looking treatment solution. Visit our offices to get a solution for your teeth condition. Our experts are sure to employ safe and effective solutions.
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