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What Is The Importance of Anesthesia During Implant Dentistry Procedures?

Posted on 11/5/2021 by San Tan Oral Surgery
What Is The Importance of Anesthesia During Implant Dentistry Procedures?A dental implant procedure involves the replacement of the missing tooth of a patient with a specific type of screw-like metal post. We can attach a crown to these metal posts in order to achieve the aesthetic and functional functionality of your new prosthetic. When patients feel uneasy about the procedure, we can use anesthesia to prevent them from feeling pain and make them calm. Here, we will explain the importance of anesthesia during dental implant surgery.

It Reduces Your Pain and Discomfort Levels

The dental implant surgery can take from 30 minutes to an hour to complete; even longer if we are placing more than one implant on a single visit. As such, the nature of the procedure requires the use of anesthesia to prevent patients from feeling pain or discomfort. Our team of professionals will be there to accompany you up until the end, monitoring you to ensure you are comfortable and can go back home with your new implant without trouble.

Allows the Dental Implant Dentist To Work With Ease

Anesthetics allows our team to work with ease. As it helps patients to relax, and minimal movement takes place on their part, the implant placement procedure becomes easy and straightforward, allowing us to be accurate and finish the process without any complications.

We can use different levels of anesthesia during a dental implant procedure. The most common methods include local anesthesia, which we use to eliminate the pain while the patient remains conscious. Nitrous oxide and local anesthesia combination, as well as IV sedation, are other available options. We also use general anesthesia for patients who prefer to remain unconscious during the procedure.

All these forms of anesthesia allow you to experience a calm and less anxious dental implant procedure. If you have any questions regarding the use of anesthesia, contact our offices today. We will be glad to solve any of your concerns.

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