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Why Extractions Are Sometimes Necessary

Posted on 12/23/2021 by San Tan Oral Surgery
Why Extractions Are Sometimes NecessaryYour teeth play an important role in your mouth. Therefore, when you visit our offices, we will take every measure to ensure they are intact and functional. This is the reason why before resorting to dental extraction, we will do everything possible to save your tooth. We will perform oral surgeries like root canals to help restore the health of your tooth.

However, in unfortunate cases, these procedures may fail to work and leave us with no option but to extract your tooth. Tooth extraction is important in some cases because it helps prevent damage to the surrounding teeth. Here are more reasons why tooth extractions are sometimes necessary.

Tooth Damaged Beyond Repair

There are some oral infections that damage your teeth beyond repair. For instance, conditions like gum disease could advance to levels where treatment is impossible. However, this doesn't mean that such conditions cannot be treated. When detected early, such conditions can be treated with simple medication. For instance, gum disease can be treated when it is in its early stages. However, if you ignore gum disease, it will advance to a serious condition known as periodontitis. At this stage, there is significant damage to your gum tissues that treatment won't fix. In that case, we will have no option but to extract your tooth.

An Infected Tooth Pulp

Your tooth has several layers, with the pulp being the deepest one. It is located at the heart of your tooth and plays a very important role in keeping it healthy. When the tooth pulp is infected, the infected tooth may die. Even though there are treatment options that could help reverse this condition, the chances of success are minimal, especially when discovered late. Therefore, a tooth extraction will be necessary to get rid of the infected tooth. This is important because it could spread the infection to the surrounding teeth. Schedule a consultative appointment with us to understand why tooth extractions are necessary in some cases.
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