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Why We Use Temporary Implants While You Heal from Post Placement Surgery

Posted on 9/24/2021 by San Tan Oral Surgery
Why We Use Temporary Implants While You Heal from Post Placement SurgeryTemporary implants, also known as same-day smiles or same-day teeth, are used to replace your missing teeth as you wait for your full implants. The use of temporary implants helps to fasten the integration of the implants into the bone and gum tissues, facilitating the healing process after oral surgery. On the other hand, full implants take some time to fabricate. The waiting period can prove too long for some, especially in a case of sudden tooth loss or damage. Temporary dental implants ensure that you resume your regular daily activities after the disruption caused by tooth loss. You can restore your smile immediately after losing your teeth. Regular chewing and speech will also get restored almost immediately after.

Therefore, we recommend getting temporary implants in cases where you have severe tooth decay or extensive loss of teeth and gum tissue. However, some patients are not eligible for same-day implants. When a patient has reduced bone quality, infections such as gingivitis, and periodontal disease, same-day implants are not applicable.

Why Then Do We Need Temporary Implants?

A significant advantage of having a temporary dental implant is the resumption of your regular dental functions. If there is a gap between two teeth, the adjacent teeth will start to grow inwards, making them weaker at the roots and deforming them. A temporary implant will provide the structural support needed for your teeth to function well. Temporary implants will also help you keep bacteria out of the affected area. Bacteria collects in open spaces in the mouth then finds its way into the gum tissues. A temporary implant will keep the wound sealed off while you wait for your full implants.

Dental implants make the wait for your full implants more effortless and more manageable. Apart from keeping you safe, they help your gums and bones adapt to the new conditions in the mouth. For any information on dental healthcare, be sure to contact us.
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