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What Can the Fotona Laser Be Used for?

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mid age couple smiling togetherThe Fotona Laser has a variety of applications and can provide treatments with no contact and no noise. It’s a safe and effective technology that can handle a variety of treatments, including soft-tissue treatments and surgeries, teeth whitening, collagen production, and more. At San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, Arizona, we have extensive experience performing various treatments with this laser technology.

What Is the Fotona Laser and How Does It Work?

This Fotona Laser Treatment is non-invasive and incredibly convenient, with low levels of discomfort, shorter postoperative healing periods, and fewer complications than other treatments, making it an excellent treatment method for a variety of problems. The speed of the lasers can be adjusted to administer precise treatments to tissues.

Fotona was the first manufacturer to create a dental laser that outperformed a traditional rotary drill. Their LightWalkerAT system was the first dental laser system to use Quantum Square Pulse (QSP) technology, which improves the laser’s interaction with dental tissues, allowing for more comfort, quicker treatments and better results. Their LightWalker ASP-Powered Laser can be used to tighten facial features from within the mouth.

The laser reduces the need for scalpels or sutures, reduces bleeding, and disinfects as it works, reducing future complications and recovery time, making it an excellent technology that can provide a wide variety of high-quality, comfortable treatments.

What Can the Fotona Laser Be Used for?

SmoothLase is a non-surgical, non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment designed for facial rejuvenation. It uses a laser to penetrate layers of skin and deposit laser energy and heat below the surface of the skin, which helps stimulate elastin and collagen production.

Unlike other treatments, like dermal fillers or Botox, SmoothLase doesn’t use any foreign substances in its treatment, as it merely stimulates your body’s natural collagen and elastin production.

SmoothLase can help remold damaged tissue as well as non-invasively lift and tighten the skin in the face around the lips, mouth, jawline, and chin, which may have started to sag or wrinkle with age and sun exposure. This treatment results in more youthful, healthier skin, and there are no requirements or medications following treatment as well as no downtime, so you can continue with your daily activities immediately after a SmoothLase treatment.

NightLase uses lasers on the collagen in the oral mucosa tissue, causing the collagen to contract and resulting in a tightening effect which can reduce the effects of sleep apnea and decrease snoring. It’s a non-invasive laser treatment that can greatly improve a patient’s sleep quality.

The Er:YAG laser modality optimizes the length of the laser’s pulses, which allows the oral mucosa tissue to be safely penetrated by the laser’s heat.

NightLase is non-invasive and requires three treatment sessions over a six week period. It has a high success rate in reducing snoring and lessening the effects of sleep apnea, and its positive effects can last for up to a year.

Many people who want plump, more youthful lips turn to injecting dermal filler, using lip implants, or grafting fat and other tissue. LipLase is a non-invasive, non-injection, and non-surgical laser treatment that will also result in fuller lips.

Through targeting the inside of the mouth and surrounding outer lip area, LipLase stimulates collagen production by heating the deep layers of skin, which can result in fuller, tighter lips and a more youthful look.

A LipLase treatment takes around twenty minutes and there is no required downtime or risk of bruising and the treatment results in plump, natural-looking lips with a defined shape.

TouchWhite Laser-Assisted Tooth Whitening
Fotona’s TouchWhite or Fotona Laser Whitening tooth whitening process is a fast, gentle, and minimally invasive tooth whitening treatment. Its whitening speeds can be five to ten times as fast as other lasers!

While bleaching gels cannot fully absorb other laser wavelengths, which results in the tooth being heated and potentially compromised, the bleaching gels can fully absorb the Er:YAG laser beam so it doesn’t penetrate the hard tissue or the pulp, which means that the underlying tooth is not directly heated and isn’t compromised.

Soft Tissue Treatments
The Fotona Laser can also be used in soft tissue treatments and oral surgery procedures and will not require using a scalpel or sutures. The laser makes soft tissue treatments and surgical procedures precise, pain-free, and blood-less. When the laser meets the tissue, there is immediate coagulation.

Fotona’s Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers have fast treatment times, as well, as a scanner can be used to move the laser’s beam quickly and accurately across the treated tissues. Additionally, post-operative healing is much quicker and has fewer complications with this treatment.

Cavities can be dealt with quickly, and often without anesthetic, because the laser beam can be precisely and easily controlled by the operator.

The LightWalker’s Er:YAG laser is ideal for treating peri-implantitis, an infectious disease that causes the gum and bone structure around a dental implant to become inflamed and can lead to bone loss or the implant falling out.

The Er:YAG laser removes granulomatous tissue and microbial composition from the inflamed surface, stimulates the bone, and decontaminates the implant. The laser can perform precise incisions and fine, targeted tissue removal which makes treatment quicker and more accurate.

The laser can also be used in periodontics in a variety of treatments. Two systematic laser wavelengths can be employed to prevent infection and promote the reduction of bacteria in pocket depths in a minimally invasive manner.

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