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How Does Fotona Laser Work?

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Woman relaxing while a beautician performs laser skin treatmentAre you experiencing pain or imperfections in your teeth but don’t want to undergo painful and time-consuming surgical procedures? Laser-assisted surgery and treatment from a Fotona laser can help you undergo your surgery or treatment faster, with no pain or long healing times. At San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, AZ, we use laser-assistance for surgical procedures and treatments like teeth whitening to offer you a painless experience.

What Is the Fotona Laser?

Fotona is a well-known brand in aesthetic, surgical, and dental lasers. Laser technology is an incredible tool for surgery and skin treatments, but it is also aids in dental procedures. Lasers can be used for soft and hard tissue surgery, implanting, cavity preparation, and tooth whitening treatments. Laser-assisted oral surgery is safer than traditional surgery.

Laser-assisted procedures reduce bleeding and damage to the tissue, resulting in faster healing times with fewer complications. Laser surgery may not require sutures, is often painless, and requires anesthetic less frequently. Fotona allows dental surgeons a greater degree of precision and can be used in the place of drills and scalpels.

How Does Fotona Work?

Fotona is a laser system used in dentistry that emits a low intensity and high-frequency light pulse. The specific handheld dentistry laser from Fotona is called the LightWalker laser, using Er:YAG and Nd:YAG technology. The laser replaces steel cutting instruments like scalpels for oral surgery. The Fotona allows for cuts that are painless, fast, precise, and coagulate blood instantly.

The disinfection and fast healing associated with using the Fotona laser makes surgery possible with fewer sutures and less chance of infection. The Fotona system, known as TouchWhite Tooth Whitening, uses the LightWalker laser for aesthetic whitening treatments. We apply a gel to the teeth that absorbs the laser so patients will not feel discomfort.

We go over the teeth with the laser to activate the bleaching agent in the gel and whiten the teeth. Laser-assisted whitening is more effective and quick than other whitening treatments. The treatment is faster than other lasers because the tooth is not directly heated. The gel is specifically formulated so there is no risk of damage to the tooth while using the Fotona system.

Fotona for Oral Treatments and Procedures

Laser-assisted surgery is an incredible technology that helps dental surgeons conduct procedures with greater efficiency. The laser system from Fotona is adjustable, allowing surgeons to cut and disinfect with one tool. Dentists can make precise cuts with no scalpel and often complete surgery with no sutures. The laser makes bleeding less frequent as the incision heals quickly with instant coagulation and no pain. The clean surgery makes for fewer complications.

The laser can be used to prepare cavities faster than with drilling. Laser drilling is safer than mechanical drilling, and patients will feel no pain from the laser. Patients may not even require an anesthetic when undergoing treatment. Minor treatments like frenectomies can be completed in just 15 minutes with no pain. Laser treatments can be used for the quick and painless removal of white spots on the gums and oral tissue called leukoplakia.

Faster Healing After Surgery

Traditional oral surgeries will have a healing time and may require sutures. With laser surgery, there is less healing time because the cuts are not made with scalpels. The laser makes clean cuts in place of a traditional scalpel and has the added benefit of coagulating the blood instantly, so the cut heals quickly with no bleeding. Most patients feel no pain from a laser-assisted procedure.

Tooth Whitening With Fotona

The Fotona TouchWhite Tooth Whitening system uses the LightWalker laser to whiten teeth 5 to 10 times faster than traditional whitening methods. A gel is applied to the teeth when using the whitening laser. The gel will not penetrate hard tissue or the pulp of the tooth, so there is no damage or pain associated with the treatment.

With other whitening lasers, there is a risk of damage due to direct heat to the tooth. The gel is a bleaching formula that absorbs the light from the laser to bleach the teeth without directly heating the teeth. The laser is more efficient due to the minimized risk of damage.

Is the Fotona Laser Safe?

Laser-assisted surgery and treatment are safer than traditional surgery in most cases. Patients will enjoy fast and painless surgery. Anesthetic is required less frequently when lasers are used and bleeding is reduced. Patients will have faster healing times than traditional surgical procedures as most incisions will heal instantly after the cut as the blood coagulates from the laser. No scalpels or sutures are required with laser-assisted surgery, and the laser disinfects the surgical area so there are fewer risks of complications.

Fotona Laser for Your Next Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be with Fotona. Experience the painlessness and reliability of laser-assisted surgery with your next procedure at San Tan Oral Surgery. Laser surgery provides a faster surgery time with less healing and fewer risks. We can use Fotona for fast and effective tooth whitening with no pain or damage to the teeth.

If you think Fotona laser might be the right option for your next surgery or whitening, visit San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, AZ today for a consultation. We offer painless cavity treatments, quick tooth whitening, and worry-free surgery with laser-assisted technology for your convenience and comfort.
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