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Tackle Your Facial Wrinkles with Pellevé

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	facial aesthetic womanIt’s no secret that our skin gets thinner with age, and facial wrinkles become more apparent. You can blame this on the lack of abundant collagen. This special protein gives our face its firm structure, but even in our 30s, we start losing fresh collagen. Pellevé is a high-tech cosmetic treatment that grows new collagen by heating up the dermal layer via radiofrequency energy. Even months after one treatment, you will continue to see impressive, youthful results as your facial wrinkles become less noticeable, and your facial contours tighten up. No needles, no surgery, no downtime, and Pellevé can be used all year-round on all skin types.

Quick Cosmetic Treatment for Facial Wrinkles

When you choose Pellevé, you can achieve wonderful results in less than an hour for the entire face. If you’re just targeting one site or two, then the session will only last about 30 minutes. It’s a comfortable treatment, and some clients describe it as a hot stone massage for the face.

The RF technology makes the sites being treated feel warm as the handheld Pellevé device glides over the skin. The energy penetrates the deepest layers safely without causing any skin damage. The RF triggers the bundles of collagen to contract and encourage the growth of new collagen. In turn, it is fresh collagen that creates a smoother appearance in the uppermost layer of your skin.

Many clients enjoy the firming effects they receive for their jowls, for softening fine lines around the lips, and to refresh the eye area.

Tailored Treatment Plan

Everyone’s skin is unique, so our skilled aesthetic specialist can determine how many Pellevé treatments can deliver optimum results for you. It’s a customizable procedure that can be performed every four weeks. Skin care experts generally recommend three to five sessions for the RF technique.

Also, every person’s collagen-building ability is unique. Some people produce it quicker than others. Your body can keep growing new amounts of collagen for 30 to 90 days following a single Pellevé treatment. It’s a very natural process, and your body knows exactly how and when to trigger fresh collagen synthesis.

Pellevé has become one of the hottest cosmetic treatments out there as a non-invasive radiofrequency solution. Most of us would like to hold off on any surgery and appreciate procedures that get us in quickly and return us back to our regular lifestyles immediately. Another bonus is the treatment’s relaxing effects.

If you’re curious about banishing your facial wrinkles and firming up your contours, then Pellevé may be something to consider. Visit San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert to learn more. We take great pride in our team of skin care experts. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to erase facial wrinkles!
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