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How Can Bone Grafting Help Me?

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Beautiful, smiling young womanBone grafting is a procedure that allows us to strengthen or rebuild upper and lower jaws. Bone grafts can correct both isolated bone loss and general bone degradation. Bone grafts can be performed using different materials, including both natural and synthetic treatment options. A bone graft can be used to address congenital defects or the effects of injuries, but it is most often used for dental implant patients. This technique helps to increase the odds of a successful implant fusing to your jaw.

Bone Graft Planning

The presence of dental roots is required for maintaining a dense, healthy jaw. Whenever a tooth is extracted or lost, the underlying bone will naturally begin deteriorating. In some cases, a socket preservation will require an immediate bone graft. Sinus lifts are a form of grafting involving the raising of the sinus floor and packing of material into the space below. A combination of bone grafting techniques can also be employed when needed.

The type of graft that is best for your needs is based upon several factors, like your treatment goals and health, surgical site location, and graft material properties. The best bone grafting materials are those that integrate well with your natural bone, promoting new tissue growth with a low chance of rejection.


Autografts, also known as autologous grafts, involve the use of bone removed from your own body. When this technique is used for a dental procedure, it usually involves bone harvested from the jaw, chin, or hard palate. If there is insufficient donor bone in the sites, bone could be taken from another area. The advantage of an autograft procedure is that there is little chance of rejection since the bone is recognized as coming from the patient’s own body and not rejected by the immune system.

Alloplastic Grafts

Alloplastic grafts are comprised of materials that are not from a human or animal source. They can be made using certain elements or minerals, or synthetically formed, or a combination of both. This type of graft does not require harvesting of tissue from some other source.

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