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Reasons for Teeth Extractions

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young woman in pain with teethWhen there’s a tooth that is causing severe pain, one of the first things that you would probably do is make an appointment with our dentist. The tooth will need to be examined to determine if there is a cavity or if there is another reason as to why you’re experiencing pain. Sometimes, the solution is a tooth extraction. Aside from pain, there are a few other reasons as to why you would need teeth extractions instead of keeping a full set of teeth.

Overcrowding is an issue where there are too many teeth in your mouth compared to the structure. Teeth can also be too large for your mouth, resulting in overcrowding. Sometimes, overcrowding can result in teeth that overlap. When you undergo teeth extractions, the other teeth can begin to naturally shift so that they are straight. This is a common situation that occurs if you need braces so that it’s easier for the brackets, wires, and other orthodontic equipment to give you a beautiful smile.

If you have a tooth that has severe decay or that is damaged, then our dentist will usually try to fix the tooth and save it so that it doesn’t have to be pulled. Sometimes, the damage is to the extent that fixing the tooth wouldn’t be beneficial. This is a time when our dentist will likely make the decision to extract the tooth so that you can have a healthy mouth.

Infections can sometimes develop in your mouth that lead to teeth extractions. As a tooth decays, the bacteria in your mouth can get inside the tooth and under the tooth, invading the gums and the jawbone. There are a few signs that indicate an infection is present. You might notice that your mouth is swollen. There will likely be significant pain around the tooth that is impacted. A root canal is an option to consider if you want to try to save your tooth, but extraction will provide the most relief and prevent the infection from spreading. You will usually be given an antibiotic to take before and after your tooth is extracted to treat the infection. Soon after your tooth is pulled, you will begin to feel relief as the infection is often removed with the tooth.

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