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How Laser Treatments with Fotona Can Facilitate Oral Surgery

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Young female patient smiling and looking at camera in a dental officeIf you have been told you need oral surgery, it can cause anxiety. You don’t know what to expect. You don’t want a lengthy recovery. Fortunately, advances in the field of oral surgery mean you could have an easier procedure and recovery with laser treatments like Fotona. The Fotona laser is used for dental procedures that involve soft tissues. There is no need for a scalpel to cut into your gums. You won’t need sutures following your procedure. The Fotona laser is precise. Oral surgery with laser treatments is reliable and effective, giving you the results you need.

Why Choose Laser Treatments for Oral Surgery?

If our oral surgeon recommends the Fotona for laser-assisted surgery, you will benefit from ablation that is much finer and precise than you would experience from traditional surgery. Any cutting action will take place so quickly. Your healing process should be much faster as well. As an added bonus, a scanner is used to pinpoint the exact location for your oral surgery.

The Fotona is Beneficial for Hard Tissue as Well

If you need to have hard-tissue drilling to treat cavities, seal fissures, treat enamel erosion, or remove carious dentine, laser treatments can perform precise, rapid pulses of light that will target the affected tooth without causing pain or requiring anesthetic. You’ll be able to preserve more of your tooth without causing any damage to your tissues. With the Fotona, you can take care of problems with your teeth.

Get Your Oral Health on Track with Laser Treatments

Regardless of what kind of oral surgery you need, whether you need to take care of soft tissue or hard tissue, the Fotona laser could be the right approach for you. If you are looking for positive results with a faster recovery time, laser surgery is one of the best ways to go. You can make oral health a top priority. Our surgeon will address any dental problems that will keep your teeth functioning.

Learn More About Laser Treatments We Offer

If you require oral surgery, the Fotona laser could benefit you. Our surgeon will evaluate your teeth and oral tissues. You will be able to review all of your options for treatment. If the Fotona is the best way to go, our surgeon will explain what steps will be taken during your surgery. The Fotona can produce the results you want to see in a shorter amount of time at San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, AZ. Our oral surgeon can give you advice about the best choice for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!
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