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Can I Have Oral Surgery If I Have a Cold?

Posted on 6/3/2024 by San Tan Oral Surgery
A man in dental chair ready for oral surgeryCommon colds are typically not serious, but you may want to confirm whether you can still have a planned oral surgery if you have a cold. Here is what you need to know about having oral surgery when you have a cold.

When It Is Unsafe to Have Oral Surgery With a Cold?

It is unsafe to have oral surgery when you have a cold and if your symptoms are beyond the usual stuffy or runny nose. Specifically, if you are unable to breathe freely through your nose, your oral surgeon can suggest that you reschedule your procedure for later after you have recovered from your cold.

If you are also coughing as a result of a cold, your oral surgeon might have to reschedule. Coughing can complicate the matter because you cannot cover your mouth during the procedure. However, please remember that your health is our priority, and we are always ready to accommodate your needs.

General Anesthesia When You Have a Cold

It is important to note that general anesthesia can exacerbate the irritation in your airways, potentially worsening your cough. This persistent coughing can also impact your post-surgery recovery, especially if your procedure involves repairing a misaligned or broken jaw. The pressure from coughing can hinder normal healing, making it crucial to consider the severity of your cold symptoms before proceeding with oral surgery.

How to Stay Healthy Before Your Oral Surgery

It is always a good idea to take deliberate measures to improve and maintain your health at all times. It is especially more significant when you are scheduled for an oral surgery procedure. Here are a few ways you can avoid catching a cold before your appointment date: Increase your vitamin C intake, stay hydrated, and wash your hands.

While it is possible to proceed with oral surgery if you have a cold, it is crucial to have a discussion with your oral surgeon. This is particularly important if your symptoms are severe, as they can provide the best advice for your specific situation.

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