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How Soup Can Help During Oral Surgery Recovery

Posted on 3/1/2024 by San Tan Oral Surgery
 healthy teeth and oral hygeineOral surgeries like root canal procedures and wisdom teeth removal can make your mouth uncomfortable and sore. One of the best ways to minimize pain after oral surgery is to eat soft, nutritious foods. Soup is recommended because it contains high levels of vitamins, protein, and minerals. Below are ways different soups can help during an oral surgery recovery.

The Benefits of Soup

Having soup after an oral surgery can significantly speed up the healing process. It does so by repairing and building the skin, muscles, and tissues that might have been tampered with during the surgery. Given that soup contains several nutrients, it also helps fight off infections. After undergoing oral surgery like tooth extractions or wisdom teeth removal, you must supply your body with nutritious foods that are low in sugar. Soup is one of the best options for that job. This is because it is easy to eat, keeps you hydrated, and is nutrient-rich. Note that soup should be served when warm to avoid irritating the wound.

Creamy tomato basil parmesan soup is one of the best soups you can go for. This soup will help speed up recovery after oral surgery because it heals freshly open wounds. It does so by regulating the blood pressure and bolstering the health of your heart. Creating this soup is not complicated because it has one of the most straightforward recipes. All you have to do is follow a few recipe steps, and you will be set! Remember not to consume the soup while hot because it can affect the surgery sight and lead to bleeding. Instead, give it a few minutes to cool before serving. This goes a long way in keeping your wound safe!

Consider Other Helpful Options

Another excellent option for soup is the creamy roasted garlic cauliflower soup. Cauliflower is naturally a nutrient-rich food, and it will provide your mouth with healthy antioxidants to speed up your recovery. It is a highly recommended soup, especially after removing wisdom teeth. Have a chat with our dentist for more information on how soup can help speed up recovery after oral surgery.

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