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What Facial Injuries Can An Oral Surgeon Correct?

Posted on 10/31/2023 by San Tan Oral Surgery
Rendering of cracked tooth with a frowny face at San Tan Oral SurgeryOral surgeons take care of many complex tooth cases such as dislocated teeth, tooth fractures, and impacted teeth. Apart from these cases, there are other many situations that oral surgeons can deal with. These dental specialists have complex knowledge about your facial anatomy and are able to reinstate your mouth function, health, and beauty. Here are some facial injuries that dental surgeons can treat.

Jaw Fractures

Your jaw can fracture from car accidents, sports activities, or accidental falls. If you suffer from these conditions, visiting an oral surgeon can help resolve them. Oral surgeons work on cases that require extensive and complex surgical treatments.

Cheekbone Fractures

These fractures may be difficult to notice at first. It is, therefore, easy to overlook them. Cheekbone fractures are also referred to as zygomatic bone injuries. When you have these injuries, you may develop functional problems in your mouth as well as the jawbone. An oral surgeon can provide surgical treatment for these fractures.

Nasal Fractures

If you have nasal fractures that are interfering with mouth movement and breathing, you can visit an oral surgeon. Other cases may require the help of a general surgeon.

Tooth Fractures

Among the surgeries that oral surgeons perform are tooth fractures. These fractures can contribute to toothaches. The surgeon can perform surgery to increase the odds of salvaging the tooth.

Soft Tissue Facial Injuries

Cuts, lacerations, and other damage to soft tissues around the face need to be repaired. A dental surgeon can repair these injuries by suturing and stitching the tissues to avoid additional complications.


Don't ignore facial injuries because if left untreated, they can heal incorrectly or even become infected. You may develop long-term complications and your oral health may be adversely impacted. Our oral surgeon can reconstruct your oral cavities and rebuild the structures that have been damaged. This way, your face and smile are restored back to health. Contact us today if you encounter any of these facial injuries.
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