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Nerve Repositioning With An Oral Surgeon

Posted on 10/15/2023 by San Tan Oral Surgery
Close-up of teeth with a gap at San Tan Oral SurgeryWhen placing dental implants, oral surgeons may need to remove the inferior alveolar nerve responsible for providing feeling to the cheek and lower lip. This process helps provide room for the dental implant placement within the lower jaw. Nerve repositioning is intended for the lower jaw. It is needed when an individual has missing teeth in the region of the second premolar and the back molars.

How Nerve Repositioning is Performed

An oral surgeon removes the outer part of the cheek side within the lower jawbone. The surgery helps expose the nerve as well as the vessel canal. Now, the dentist isolates the nerve along with the vessel bundle found in that area. These structures are then slightly pulled out to position them to the side. During this time, the dental implants are also placed.

The oral surgeon will track the neuro-vascular bundle and then release it and place it back over your new implants. The areas where the surgery for accessing the nerves has been done are then filled using bone graft material and then closed. Based on the individual's condition, you may have these procedures done at ago or separately.

Where is the Bone Graft Material Obtained From?

There are many areas in which bone grafts for nerve repositioning surgery can be obtained. For instance, the maxillofacial region can offer bone grafts that are picked from the interior side of the mouth. These are the areas around the third molars, chin, or the upper jaw at the back of the last tooth. Where more extensive work has to be done and more bone is required, the hip may serve as the source for the grafts.

Sometimes, though, the bone grafts may come from an allograft material. This bone is obtained from cadavers. It helps stimulate the patient's own bone to start growing into the area where repair is being done. Allograft material is safe and effective. Further, synthetic materials may be utilized to stimulate bone formation.

To find out more about nerve repositioning and why it may be required during dental implant placement, contact our oral surgeon.
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