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Half Broken Molar Tooth

Posted on 9/11/2023 by San Tan Oral Surgery
Half Broken Molar ToothPain, discomfort, and throbbing in the tooth are frequent experiences for those with a partially shattered molar. The tooth might crack somewhat or completely, splitting it into two pieces. A fractured tooth has to be fixed right now, anyway. This article will explain the many factors that might lead to a molar cracking in two. The most effective methods to treat this condition will next be discussed.

What Causes A Broken Molar Tooth

Enamel, a tooth's protective coating, is much more challenging than steel and can withstand significant wear and tear. The tooth can better fulfill its functions in the mouth, facilitating easier chewing and digestion. Unfortunately, teeth are relatively fragile, and cracking, shattering, or breaking under heavy pressure is not unusual.

Accidental face trauma, injury, or biting down on something too hard are just a few examples of the various sources of these pressures. Ice and hard sweets are two such examples. Teeth are made to bite. However, they may be broken by a tough substance and the power of the jaw. However, if you have a habit of clenching and grinding your teeth in your sleep (bruxism), this might also hasten the process.

A visit to the dentist is necessary if one of one's molars has cracked in half. They have the training, equipment, and a clean atmosphere to repair your tooth and prevent infection.

Dentists may be able to repair the tooth and return it to normal function in some instances. A bonding agent is used to join the two sections securely. However, if the fracture is severe, the tooth may have to be extracted and replaced with a crown or filling. Root canal therapy removes the pulp and nerves from a tooth if the dentist cannot repair it.

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