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What Are Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled

Posted on 6/5/2023 by San Tan Oral Surgery
What Are Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth PulledDuring adulthood, the last set of molars to grow in your mouth are named wisdom teeth. This could be if you notice sensitivity or pain behind your mouth. Your wisdom teeth could be growing. Wisdom teeth are unnecessary for your mouth because they no longer play any role in speech functions and proper chewing. This is why many people opt for them to get pulled, especially if they are causing them health problems. Besides, erupting wisdom teeth might cause an impact on teeth alignment as well as the jaw. Thus, get to understand some signs that your wisdom teeth require pulling.

Pain At The Back Of Your Mouth

If you experience pain as the wisdom teeth begin to erupt, then this means you are uncomfortable. Pain behind your mouth could indicate that serious problems are about to begin due to the erupting wisdom teeth. Besides, this type of pain could become persistent, and the best option can be to have the wisdom teeth pulled.

Inflamed Gums

Tender and swollen gums result from the eruption of wisdom teeth from the gums. As soon as the eruption begins, you will realize that your gums start to turn reddish and look a bit swollen in some parts. This makes it challenging to brush of teeth properly. At this point, pulling the wisdom teeth is advisable because improper brushing could lead to infections caused by bacteria.

Bleeding Gums

Although gums bleed due to many factors, one common reason can be wisdom teeth erupting. Bleeding caused by wisdom teeth is experienced at the back of the mouth, accompanied by inflammation. Have your dentists determine the cause of bleeding before you get your wisdom teeth removed first. After all, you do not want to have the wrong issue solved when you could be having periodontal diseases without you realizing it.
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