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What To Know About Tooth Impaction

Posted on 6/19/2023 by San Tan Oral Surgery
What To Know About Tooth ImpactionYounger people are the ones that are affected by wisdom teeth. The third molar behind the mouth is the one referred to as wisdom teeth. Some individuals end up having problems when their wisdom teeth erupt, while others do not. Lack of sufficient space in the mouth ends up causing the wisdom teeth to be trapped. Wisdom teeth require to fully come out through the gums, but if it happens halfway, then a person suffers a partially impacted tooth.

Tooth Impaction Causes

When wisdom teeth remain embedded in the bone or tissue longer than they should, this is when they become impacted. The issue turns out to be overcrowding afterward. If the wisdom teeth shift or show up at a twisted angle, they can suffer from impaction. Failing to receive the right orthodontic treatment early enough or from a genetic cause can lead to the risk of tooth impaction. Children who experience teeth impaction usually have issues with other roots of their neighboring teeth. However, orthodontists find it easy to correct impaction issues in children than in adults. In fact, most orthodontists ask parents to take their children for evaluation of possible issues as early as seven years.

Signs Of Tooth Impaction

Not everyone will experience issues with impacted wisdom teeth. That is why they may not realize when they are having a problem. However, they will know there is an issue when they see a change in their teeth' appearance since impacted teeth impact the entire mouth. The first person that can tell you when you have an impacted tooth is your dentist. When tracking the progression of teeth impaction, they find out the issue's severity. They also check for signs such as wisdom teeth coming out in the gum line wrongly, partial eruption of wisdom teeth, wisdom teeth moving out of their position, or wisdom teeth lacking sufficient space.
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