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How Arthritis and Gum Disease Connect

Posted on 3/20/2023 by San Tan Oral Surgery
How Arthritis and Gum Disease ConnectThere are a lot of health conditions that interlink and become very hard to explain. Sometimes it's because of the limited research that exists around it, while other times it's because there can be no boundaries drawn. One of those linking health conditions involves arthritis and gum disease. Questions on how they interlink have been raised for too long to demand concrete responses.

Does One Of These Diseases Cause The Other?

A number of studies have been conducted to determine whether having rheumatoid arthritis automatically brings on gum disease and vice versa. However, the researchers are unable to come up with a solid conclusion. It is noted that people living with rheumatoid arthritis are eight times more likely to have gum disease. There are arguments that it is because they experience weakness in their limbs and are unable to clean their mouths efficiently. This claim does not hold water as more factors remain omitted. People with gum disease are similarly at a higher risk of suffering rheumatoid arthritis especially after getting to the stage where they begin to lose their teeth. One finding that cuts across though, is that having either of these diseases highly increases your likelihood of getting the other or amplifies its severity.

What Is The Common Ground?

Trying to pinpoint a common ground using scientific studies is not easy. However, the one thing the two diseases have in common is inflammation. With arthritis, patients suffer from joint inflammation while with gum disease, the gum swells even to the point of creating gaps between the teeth.

Taking better care of one's oral health has proven to reduce the severity of rheumatoid arthritis in patients. It is also advised to take care of your teeth to avoid offsetting your chances of getting problems with joint inflammation in the future. To continue this conversation and learn more, call us at our offices or plan a visit.
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