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Root Canals Prevent Oral Trauma an Extraction Can Cause

Posted on 3/6/2023 by San Tan Oral Surgery
Root Canals Prevent Oral Trauma an Extraction Can CauseMost people that arrive at our clinics with throbbing teeth usually want to get rid of them as soon as they can. While tooth extraction may be a solution to the problem, it means that you would have to live without your natural tooth for the rest of your life. However, our dental professionals would rather save your tooth than extract it.

This is because missing teeth provide spaces for bacteria to breed and easily spread into your gums and deep tissues. Adjacent teeth will also move to occupy the space left by the extracted tooth. This abnormal movement might cause problems with your bite as the tooth is not in its correct position. Also, missing teeth present a challenge to your oral hygiene and general appearance. The cost of replacing a missing tooth is also a downside of extraction. You might have to get an implant or a dental bridge to fill the gap. You might also develop difficulties chewing and speaking if you have missing teeth. Therefore, our professionals may recommend a root canal procedure as an alternative to tooth extraction.

Root Canals

Root canals are an efficient solution to tooth root problems. Root canal therapy is responsible for the alarming drop in tooth extraction cases. During a root canal procedure, our Endodontist will administer medication to make the tooth and the area around it numb. They will then make a small hole in the tooth to access the roots. From here, they will clean out the bacteria causing the infection and pain in the tooth. After that, the hole is cleaned and sealed off to prevent any bacteria from getting access.

Get a Root Canal Today

A root canal is one of the most efficient ways of dealing with an infection causing problems inside the tooth. You can save your tooth and restore its function as opposed to getting rid of it. Visit us to get your root canal done by the best professionals in the field.
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