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Super Tips On Post-Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Posted on 2/20/2023 by San Tan Oral Surgery
Super Tips On Post-Wisdom Tooth ExtractionAfter undergoing wisdom teeth extraction procedure, it is paramount to ensure special care thereafter so that the site heals fast. One should be really keen on the instructions provided by the oral surgeon. It is important because the instructions are meant to help in increasing comfort and reduce the chances of infection. It also prevents getting a dry socket and persistent bleeding.

Oral Hygiene for Post-Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Once you have a wisdom tooth removed, good oral hygiene is a must-do. This entails gentle rinsing using salty water after every meal. It also involves brushing as recommended by the dentist. Vigorous brushing should be avoided in order to prevent discomfort. The extraction site can be cleaned gently and cautiously using a cotton swap in order to avoid clot dislodgement.

Recommended Food Diet Post-Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Dentists endorse a well-balanced diet in the period following wisdom teeth extraction. This helps promote healing. The food should be soft enough to help prevent strain and discomfort while chewing. Hot foods should be avoided. Proper hydration is needed and one will be required to drink adequate fluids and water since it goes a long way in promoting healing. Transitioning to solid foods can be done gradually until total healing is achieved.

Use Prescribed Medications

The oral surgeon often prescribes the required medication after the extraction. Antibiotics prescribed should be taken as ordered until the dose is completed. Pain medications can be taken to relieve pain as per your need. Alcohol should not be consumed while on medication. Activities such as driving, exercising, and operating machinery should be avoided when on pain medication for these drugs can make one drowsy.

Managing Dry Socket after Extraction

Dry tooth socket results when the blood clot gets dislodged. This exposes bone and other tissues beneath it leading to increased sensitivity and pain. Infection may further exacerbate the sensitivity if it occurs. Pain medication comes in handy in managing pain. It is advised to see a dentist if the problem persists.

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