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What happens during a gum reshaping procedure

Posted on 1/9/2023 by San Tan Oral Surgery
What happens during a gum reshaping procedureGum reshaping is also called gum contouring. It involves a change in the shape of the gums for them to become more pleasing; if the gums are uneven or cover little or too much of the teeth, gum contouring can be considered. For gum contouring to happen, what is considered is particular of the mouth; a periodontist performs the process.

The processes involved include

Gum reshaping for excess gum; if one has a gummy smile that the teeth are smaller from the excess gum tissue, the periodontist removes the gum, which is excess, with the help of a scalpel or a laser sculpt a new gum line exposing more teeth. This process can take 60-120 minutes. During the procedure, anesthesia is applied, but the patient will feel some tenderness and discomfort after the process.

Gum grafting when the gum is little; if the patient suffers from gum recession that is very little gum tissue, the teeth can appear discolored and elongated, but receding gum can expose the teeth to plaque and tooth bacteria which can result in tooth decay and bone loss, the recession appears because of; genetics, brushing with a lot of motion and periodontal diseases. If the patient suffers from periodontal disease, the dentist first treats the infection before the gum is reshaped.

After cosmetic gum surgery the patient experiences a lot of pain, and they can be forced to rest according to how tender the gums are. The healing can take a few weeks to heal completely. The patient is advised to take soft foods, and post-surgery instructions should be followed .incase the patient has an infection or the gum is swelling, they should visit a dental professional.
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